What do we do?

COGSOFT® is an ethics-first innovation and strategy consultancy experienced in engineering systems to automate data or augment people. Our clients demand deeper brand interactions, richer business intelligence, or better ways to measure our world.

Our skilled automation consultants apply design thinking principles to capture business insights for amazing human-centered roadmaps. From our structured models, brilliant systems engineers encode knowledge to emulate human tasks or ways of thinking. We practice foundational artificial intelligence techniques for our clients.

Beyond our inventions and unique methods, our impact includes decades of historical background and a unique tool scoring rubric to match challenging problems with the right tools. We also provide an innovative technology licensing model and a clear deal flow process with education as the focus. Consider these areas for our strategies:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Healthcare Decisions
  • Audit Investigations
  • Systems Controls
  • Financial Operations
  • Cybersecurity

Accelerated Engineering Program

COGSOFT® Accelerate engages with select companies to offset technology acquisition costs by entering into long term licensing opportunities. We provide brilliant engineering, you provide a proven business model. This collaborative program allows you to rapidly launch with an instant engineering team to augment or automate.

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