We build innovative systems for enterprise customers.

Our experiences range from billion dollar brands to angel funded startups. We deliver elegant well-tested code, but you’ll thrive when we teach you how to maintain systems using our agile sprint approach to broaden and deepen systems capabilities.

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What is automation engineering?

Automation engineering offers a spectrum of productivity advances from machine data to human systems engineering, i.e. autonomous robotic processes rising in complexity to cognitive augmentation.

Business automation is not a new concept, however, to lower costs and increase capabilities you need reliable and stackable specialized tools. We have engineering tools to build amazing platforms or elegantly integrate with existing systems.

What are the engineering techniques used to automate or augment?

The primary automation concepts we practice can be grouped as follows. Your solution may require one technique or all four, depending on the complexity of the problem to be solved.

  • Robotic Process Models
  • Domain Models
  • Language Models
  • Cognitive Models  

We create human-centered strategies, apply innovative methods along with specialized tools to successfully accomplish our clients business goals.

What makes your artificial intelligence approach cognitive?

Most artificial intelligence engineers attempt to mimic human psychology or neuroscience with a limited range of specialized tools and techniques at their disposal. The use cases for specialized tools are often misrepresented or overestimated due to a lack of research conducted by the inventors. We have a group of proven tools to apply methodologies that work.

Our strategic cognitive design thinking strategies and engineering tools are best used to augment people often deployed as digital twins, co-pilots, or associates. What can your systems do when they contain a model of a user’s belief, audience’s desire, or operator’s intent?

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