We help customers launch new products or capabilities.

COGSOFT® ethics-first mission is to help our clients understand people in deeper more valuable ways.

We engineer custom software models to mimic a philosophy of the mind. Our engineering tools and agile methods are cloud and data agnostic, the only thing you need to do is share your problem(s) or futuristic vision. Clients catapult audience or user experiences, create new employee touchpoints, or drive market leading strategies with our trusted tools.

Rather than squeezing data with brute force, we’ll show you how to simulate, test, and measure, show you how to leverage qualitative psychometrics, and give you new ways to interpret behaviors. Because? a new age of automated cognitive science is here.

You can join our family or you can hire our family.

COGSOFT® assembled a family of artificial intelligence engineering firms who have invented best in class tools and in some instances performed ground breaking research.

Our business can be described as a innovation and strategy agency combined with an automation engineering studio. Although our alliance  came together more than five years ago, we have known each other for decades.

Trust means references from a dozen interaction, integration, and innovation challenges.  We have designed product engineering strategies for innovative startups; we own patents, trade secrets, and a reputation built on decades of research. We have raised millions in venture capital and we have been featured in numerous engineering magazines, consumer articles, and scientific periodicals. Trust is explicit.

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