We help teams embrace their digital future.

COGSOFT® ethics-first mission is to help clients understand their business in amazing ways by introducing human-centered automation strategies to innovate digital products. Our studio of engineers build rule-based or artificial intelligence models to apply automation beyond field mapping.

Our innovation and strategy firm started with one world class engineering studio partner. Today, we have grown to include five automation engineering tool developers helping us shape a variety of client strategies. IN the past two decades our studio tools have received hundreds of millions in grants, contracts, venture capital, and corporate investments to make us a priceless client resource.

COGSOFT® differentiates from all others in our abilities to design strategies for a philosophy of the mind. However, clients also benefit from our structured process to discover value in use cases. With our clients, we confirm plans by conducting a 360° value impact analysis to predict revenue, find organizational weakness, learn employee sentiment, and realize market impact. Client success means everything.

Clients trust our people & value our expertise.

COGSOFT® is a leading automation engineering firm providing expert insights and well established tools. Our portfolio tool companies have known each other for many years and respect the value of successful projects and the reputation that follows. Clients trust us.

Trust includes references from dozens of interaction, integration, and innovation projects.  We have designed numerous product strategies, we own patents, we protect client confidential information, we share our trade secrets, all to maintain a reputation that stands the test of time. Trust is explicit.

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